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    ABC Pressure Washing is your local go to Contractor for all your pressure washing needs. We specialize in refurbishing concrete sidewalks, concrete driveways, brick, stone, siding, fencing, decks, and soft washing. We work on both residential and commercial properties. Our professional staff with arrive on time, leave a clean worksite, and accomplish your goals. We want to refurbish your space so you can enjoy it for years to come!


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    Do your concrete porches and sidewalks need some help? Pressure washing them can revitalize your concrete, pavers, stone, and tile walkways. A good pressure wash can remove years of darkened stone discoloration. A fresh sidewalk and driveway can add a fresh look to the out side of your home or business.

    House soft washing is a method we use to remove dirt, grime, algae, and other types of buildup from your house. Unlike pressure washing, soft washing uses a gentle low-pressure stream of water with a cleaning solution to break down and remove dirt and other debris. This method is good at cleaning delicate surfaces like stucco, brick, and siding without damaging them.

    fence power washing

    Our pressure washing services can help rejuvenate your fencing. Pressure washing your fence can bring life back into a dingy looking fence, or prep it for adding a new stain or paint. Our experts can get the dirt, grime, algae, mold, and mildew off your fence.

  • Does your driveway need some help? Pressure washing them can revitalize your concrete and improve your homes curb appeal. A good pressure wash can remove years of darkened discoloration. A fresh driveway can add a fresh look to the out side of your home or business. Our service can remove gasoline, oil, grime, dirt, leaf stain, gum, and more.

    deck pressure washing

    Roof pressure washing can help remove grime from your roof. When washing an asphalt shingle roof, we take care to be more gentle to avoid roof damage. We can remove dirt and debris helping improve the look and feel of your home.

    gutter cleaning

    Gutter Pressure Washing

    Pressure washing gutters uses a high-pressure water stream to remove debris, dirt, and grime from your gutters. This is a great way to maintain their usefulness, and remove clogs that cause issues like water damage, mold growth, and even pest infestations. 

  • Commercial Pressure Washing in Edinburg


    Our pressure washing services don't stop with residential applications. Pressure washing is a great way to clean and maintain the exterior surfaces of any commercial property, and our service helps renew the outside of your business. Sprucing up your outside walkways or stone can revitalize your business. We aim to please and meet the needs of each job application with professional care.

    Dumpster Pad Area

    Commercial dumpster pad pressure washing is a great way to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your commercial property. Dumpster pads can accumulate a lot of dirt, debris, and waste, which leads to unpleasant odors. Grossing your customers out is generally not seen as the best method for customer satisfaction :).

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  • Edinburg, TX


    Edinburg is a city located in, and the county seat of Hidalgo County, Texas. The population in recent years has moved to just over 100,000 making it the second largest city in Hidalgo county with McAllen, TX being the largest. Edinburg is also home to The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.


    In 1908 when Edinburg was founded, its city center was found at the crossroads of US Highway 281 and State Highway 107. Downtown McAllen is 10 miles to the south and west. The city was originally named Chapin in honor of one of its developers named Dennis B. Chapin. Chapin was later found to be involved in the shooting death of Oscar Roundtree, their community decided to change the name to Edinburg in honor of John Young. John Young was a prominent businessman who was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.


    Edinburg is a vibrant and exciting city with plenty to offer visitors and residents alike. Its rich history, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities make it a great destination for anyone looking to explore the Rio Grande Valley. Whether you are interested in exploring the wetlands, learning about local history, or just enjoying the great outdoors, Edinburg has something for everyone.


    Edinburg is also a great place for outdoor activities. The city is home to several parks and nature preserves, including the Edinburg Municipal Park, which has a swimming pool, playgrounds, and sports fields. Other popular outdoor destinations in Edinburg include the Los Lagos Golf Club, the Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, and the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

  • Why use ABC Pressure Washing?

    When it comes to cleaning your property, using a pressure washing service can be the best way to achieve a deep and thorough clean. But, keep in mind that not all pressure washing services are created equal. That's why you should use ABC Pressure Washing for your cleaning needs.


    Our team of professional Edinburg Power Washing contractors are experienced and knowledgeable in providing high-quality services. We offer our services throughout the Edinburg area, including McAllen, and are equipped with professional-grade equipment to ensure the best possible results for our customers.


    At ABC Pressure Washing, we understand that every property is unique and may require different cleaning methods. That's why we tailor our services to meet your specific needs, no matter how big or small the job may be. Whether you need your home's exterior cleaned, your driveway pressure washed, or your commercial property deep cleaned, our team has the ability to get the job done right.


    Not only do we offer top-notch service, but we also provide free quotes for our Pressure Washing near me service. So why not give us a call at 956.305.0221 to see how we can help you achieve a clean and beautiful property? With ABC Pressure Washing, you can trust that your property is in good hands.

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