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Parking Lot, Retain Strip Center, and Dumpster Pad Pressure Washing

Retail Strip Center Pressure Washing

Attract new customers to you shopping center with our pressure washing services. Do you have dirt, debris, and discoloration on your building? Unfortunately these day, people are picky, and a dingy looking building can turn customers away. Our washing service can help maintain a clean and presentable exterior.

We can work alongside property management companies to help against the never ending battle of spills, dirt, mold, gum, rust and mold. We will work to meet your needs, which may include: Rust Stain Removal, Hot Water Rinse, Hot Water Deep Clean, Bubble Gum Removal, Stain Removal, and Oil/Grease Stain Removal.

Parking Lot Pressure Washing

Your parking area can convey a lot of things to your customers. Do you take pride in your business if your property is clean and neat. If you’re looking for a parking lot pressure washing service to keep your business looking great, then we have you covered.

We use professional grade equipment to make your parking lot look newer. You parking lots appearance conveys a lot about your business. ABC Pressure Washing is the pressure washing leader in the Edinburg, TX and surround areas. Different parking types have different needs, and we offer a range of options to fit those needs.

Dumpster Pads

Dumpsters can stink! So can the areas around them! Keep your business dumpster area looking as fresh and tidy as possible. This is just one more way you can keep your business clean and desirable to new and existing customers.

Our chemicals can help remove some of the grime and oder that build up around a dumpster pad.

Retail Center Pressure Washing

Here are some of the things we can help remove.







Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, grime, and other types of debris from surfaces. It is commonly used on outdoor surfaces such as decks, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

What Sufaces Can Be Pressure Washed?

Pressure washing can be used on a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, vinyl, metal, and stone. BUT WAIT! Keep in mind that different surfaces may require different pressures and techniques. We use different techniques for the needed surface and different cleaning solutions to ensure great results.

Is Pressure Washing Safe?

Pressure washing is safe if proper precautions are taken. However, it can be dangerous if not used properly. It is important to wear protective gear such as eye protection, gloves, and sturdy footwear which is why we recommend letting us professionals do it for you!

What are the Benefits of Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing can remove built-up dirt, grime, oil stains, gum, gasoline, while improving the appearance of outdoor surfaces, and prolong the lifespan of outdoor structures. It can also help prevent damage from mold, mildew, and other types of organic growth.

How Often Should I Pressure Wash?

The frequency of pressure washing will depend on the specific surface and the amount of traffic or use it receives. As a general rule, it is recommended to pressure wash outdoor surfaces at least once a year. We can go over options for you for regular service at your home or business.

Can Pressure Washing Damage Surfaces?

Yes, it sure can if not used properly. High pressure can cause damage to delicate surfaces such as wood, paint, and some types of masonry. It is important to use the correct pressure and technique for each surface. This is again why we recommend hiring a professional rather than doing it yourself.

ABC helped make our old dingy looking tile steps look clean and new again!!

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ABC Pressure Washing can handle your business needs in multiple options. We can set up regular monthly service, or come for a one time cleaning.

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